What a great season! Pumpkin patch farms is closed for the season. Check back soon for details on re-opening!

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve have heard this phrase over the years. This is one of the reasons we work so hard to provide people, from all over North Mississippi (and beyond), a very family oriented visit to the Farm, each year, In Blue Mountain.

In fact, we dare say that Fall might just be the best time of the year in the South. Cool days, outdoor fun, and delicious treats at Pumpkin Patch Farms are a tradition to be continued . . . and begun by families and friends. And we can’t wait to see you!

Welcome to the patch…

Obviously, it’s all in the name! Pumpkin Patch Farms offers one of the largest amounts of pumpkins in our state with acres and acres of new pumpkins, each year. Take a fun ride in our custom tractor trailers to grab your perfect gourd for the Fall! And, that’s just the start…

A place for Family, Friends, Schools, Churches . . . you get the idea!

Many years ago, when we started allowing folks to tour our farm, we had goals that stood out – make this experience as family friendly as possible, and make it available to EVERYONE! After all, country living is all about community, so we love to welcome…

  • Families & Friends
  • School Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Civic Groups

In other words, all are welcome. We do have some guidelines, however, to make your trip a success. Click play, above, to learn about our farm, then keep reading on how to make this the “Best Day Ever”.

3 easy tips to make your day at the farm amazing
Call for Groups

We have LOTS of groups at the farm. And, we love having them. However, getting a call in to our office at (662) 685-4328 to let us know the details of your group is the best way to make sure everything goes smoothy.

Time to Play

Be sure to dress your kids appropriately for lots of outdoor play (and parents too!). There are lots of things to enjoy, but farms are often dusty, so being prepared with the right clothes is always a good thing!

Animals are Awesome!

Our farm animals and petting area is a very popular spot. We encourage moms and dads to let their kids know what’s in store. It’s fun to discuss, but alsoinformes them on what to expect when they encounter our live animals.